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This year again, Nils Cornelissen will be one of the speakers at the LEAD curriculum (given in german). Apply now if you want to join the program! Read more


Claudia Braun and Svea von Hehn are speakers at the Meditation Expert conference.

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Longstanding experience and in-depth psychological expertise for your meaningful top management consulting.

Our team of consultants is committed to supporting your goals with expertise and experience. Furthermore, we have access to a large network of affiliated consultants with additional content expertise and specialized experience.


Dr. Svea von Hehn | Managing Director

  • 17 years of experience as a Consultant and top management coach,
    author of several books
  • Diploma and PhD in Psychology 
  • Certifications for MBTI, OPQ, Systemic Coaching and SIY,
    the Google mindfulness program


Dr. Svea von Hehn (née Steinweg) has been working as a management consultant with focus on transformations, personal development, and strategic HR (e.g., talent and performance management) since 1999. Several international consumer goods and chemical companies, governments and organizations close to the government as well as financial institutions are among her clients throughout the past years. Dr. von Hehn worked for McKinsey & Company for 3,5 years, last as project manager. Prior to this position, she acted as deputy director of international consultancy SHL's Hamburg Office.

She holds a PhD and Master-equivalent diploma in Psychology. She is a certified systemic coach (Institute of systemic Management and Coaching, Wiesloch, Germany and Institute for systemic coaching and training, Vienna, Austria). Moreover, she is MBTI- and OPQ-certified. Moreover, she is MBTI- and OPQ-certified and a certified Search Inside Yourself instructor, the Google mindfulness programm. Dr. von Hehn lectures at German universities and is author of specialized books and articles. She is speaker at the Meditation Expert conference. 

She is involved with several social projects and was honored by Chancellor Dr. Merkel for her social commitment. Since beginning of 2013 she is CEO of “Return on Meaning GmbH“ together with Nils I. Cornelissen and works for clients across Europe and the US. She has one child and lives with her family in Berlin. 

Client experience (selected examples)

  • Designing and facilitating modular leadership development programs and coaching (e.g., soft and interpersonal skills training for an international cosmetics company) and 360-degree workshops for clients in various industries and the public sector (~1,500 leaders trained and coached) 
  • Designing and implementing change management programs including diagnostics (e.g., for an international chemical company and a globally operating European bank)
  • Aligning top teams as part of the corporate strategy process during periods of change (e.g., for government organizations)
  • Designing and facilitating “personal insights” and “inspirational leadership” workshops for various client organizations
  • Designing and implementing gender diversity programs (e.g., for a health insurance company)
  • Designing and implementing talent management processes (e.g., recruiting and development strategies for different organizations)
  • Conducting management audits as assessor (more than 1,500 leaders assessed across industries)




Nils I. Cornelissen | Managing Director

  • 13 years of experience in top management consulting 
  • Psychologist, sociologist, communication scientist
  • Certification for MBTI, Integrative Coaching, NLP (Trainer DVNLP),
    Future Workshop

Nils I. Cornelissen has been working as a management consultant with focus on transformation and cultural change, strategic HR (e.g., talent and performance management) as well as leadership and communication since 2003. Among his clients are, for example, international media and communication companies, industrial groups as well as consumer goods companies. For almost 10 years, Mr. Cornelissen worked for McKinsey & Company, last as senior expert.

Nils I. Cornelissen holds a Master-equivalent diploma in social and business communication from the University of the Arts Berlin and a Masters degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Edinburgh. He is a certified coach and facilitator (NLP trainer, MBTI, Integrative Coach, Future Workshop Facilitator). Nils Cornelissen has published articles on topics such as talent management and leadership (Harvard Business Manager, Personalwirtschaft, StarkImLeben) and is a lecturer at the Munich Academy for Business Coaching.

He lives in Berlin. Nils I. Cornelissen is involved in projects for social entrepreneurs (e.g., Academy for Visionautik) on a voluntary basis. Since beginning of 2013 he is CEO of “Return on Meaning GmbH“ together with Dr. Svea von Hehn (née Steinweg) and works for clients across Europe and South-Africa.

Client experience (selected examples)

  • Developing strategic and fact-based HR and talent management strategies (including diversity & inclusion) and supporting the transformation of HR functions (e.g., at European communication and media companies, several financial institutions) as well as implementing particular HR processes (personnel committees, succession planning, HR planning)
  • Designing and conducting comprehensive action learning programs for top leadership and high potentials (e.g., top 600 of a German consumer goods company, 40 country managers of a global pharmaceutical company, 35 high potentials of a European consumer goods company)
  • Designing, launching, and accompanying cultural change and transformation processes (e.g., branch-oriented change program aiming at giving customer service representatives more time, implementation of a new IT strategy in industrial groups, global purchasing program for a tech company)
  • Moderating top team alignment processes and workshops, usually as part of a new strategy (e.g., for a logistics group, consumer goods company, financial institutions, energy company)
  • Supporting idea generation processes, developing innovation strategies and setting up an innovation academy (for a chemical company and a logistic service provider)
  • Conducting trainings especially for coaching, leadership, effective communication, and change




Claudia Braun Project-Manager

  • 9 years of experience in top management consulting
  • Master-equivalent diploma in International Business Administration
    and Masters degree of Public Administration / Policy
  • Certification for MBSR, MBTI, and coaching

In 2007 Claudia Braun started working as a management consultant with focus on leadership development, cultural change, and strategic HR topics for McKinsey & Company, last as junior project manager. Among her clients were, e.g., several international companies of the telecommunication, high tech, tourism, and banking industry as well as social sector organizations. She is a project manager with “Return on Meaning GmbH“ since February 2013.

Claudia Braun holds a Master-equivalent diploma in International Business Administration from the European School of Business and a Bachelor of Science in Business from Northeastern University Boston. Moreover, she has a Master of Public Administration with distinction from London School of Economics and a Master of Public Policy from Hertie School of Governance (Master thesis on the difference in motivation between employees in the public and private sector). She held a scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes).
Claudia Braun is a trained coach and MBSR instructor with several advanced trainings, e.g., with Jon Kabat-Zinn. Furthermore she holds a certification for MBTI. She is speaker at the Meditation Expert conference.

Client experience (selected examples)

  • Designing and implementing change management programmes including diagnostics and support in implementing measures (e.g., for a health insurance company post merger, for an IT company )
  • Designing and moderating top team alignment workshops (e.g., for social sector organizations) and team workshops (e.g., for an international industrial coporation)
  • Designing and conducting “inspirational leadership” workshops for various target groups
  • Designing and conducting training programs aimimng at the development of consulting skills, structured problem solving, communication, professional appearance, and coaching clients in various industries
  • Designing and conducting talks, workshops and programs to foster emotional intelligence, self-management/stress reduction via mindfulness for leaders and employees 
  • Developing and implementing the human ressources development strategy as part of a large-scale transformation (for an international high-tech company)
  • Developing and implementing human resources development strategies with focus on change agents to drive a large-scale international transformation (for an international high tech company)
  • Designing and accompanying the transformation of the HR function (e.g., for a telecommunications company)
  • Developing gender diversity & inclusion strategies and programs (e.g., for a bank)




Dr. Julius Goldmann Consultant

  • 7 years of experience in consulting
  • Lawyer and Master in International Law
    with International Relations (LL.M. Kent)
  • Attorney-at-law and certified mediator

Dr. Julius Goldmann has been working as consultant, trainer and mediator with the focus on change management and cultural transformation as well as leadership and communication in the intercultural context since 2009. Among his clients are international organisations, ministries, non-governmental organisations, academic institutions and companies.

He works for „CSSP - Berlin Center for Integrative Mediation e.V.“ as Mediation Project Manager and Head of Training in international mediation projects, amongst others in Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Egypt. He is a Senior Consultant with „Return on Meaning GmbH” since 2014.

Dr. Julius Goldmann holds a first and second state exam in law and received a Master in international Law with international relations (LL.M.) with distinction of the University of Kent in Brussels. He held a scholarship of the Erwin-Stein Foundation. Dr. Julius Goldmann is a registered attorney-at-law and certified Mediator.

Client experience (selected examples)

  • Designing and implementing conflict management programs including analysis (e.g., for an international research institute)
  • Designing and conducting trainings for internal mediation teams (e.g., for German Federal Foreign Office)
  • Designing and conducting intercultural mediation processes between political leaders including conflict analysis (e.g., Albanian and Serbian leaders in Kosovo)
  • Designing and implementing transformation and organisational development strategies in ministries and state institutions (e.g., for United Nations Development Programme in Macedonia)
  • Mediation of team conflicts and interpersonal conflicts in organisations
  • Designing and conducting workshops on “communication and leadership in an intercultural context” (e.g., for European Union)
  • Designing and conducting trainings on mediation for non-governmental organisations (e.g., in Egypt)
  • Designing and conducting trainings on „interest-based negotiation“ and „internal mediation in companies and organisations“




Barbara Riedenbauer | Consultant

  • 11 years of industry experience, 3 years of experience in corporate finance consulting
  • master-equivalent diploma in international business administration
  • certification for coaching and SIY, the Google mindfulness program

Barbara Riedenbauer is a management consultant with focus on transformation, personal development, and strategic HR (e.g. talent and performance management). She has eleven years of industry experience in a fast growing international packaging and paper company. Her last position was Head of Controlling, leading a team of diverse people and being the interface to various internal and external stakeholders, both nationally and internationally. Prior to this, she worked in Corporate Finance and Audit at one of the Big Four.

Barbara Riedenbauer holds a Master-equivalent diploma in International Business Administration from the University of Vienna. She is a certified coach (Coaching Trigon Entwicklungsberatung, Vienna), certified Search Inside Yourself instructor, the Google mindfulness program, and holds various other certifications in management and facilitation (e.g. from Syst, Munich; Academy of Body Language, Vienna). Barbara lives in Vienna.

Client experience (selected examples)

  • Designing and facilitating team workshop to foster the development of a sustainable company culture.
  • Organising and facilitating workshops on topics around leadership. Founding member of a companywide network for ‘growing leaders’.
  • Designing and teaching mindfulness techniques and approaches to a conscious life, with a focus on integration into business environments.
  • Designing and conducting comprehensive finance trainings internationally (e.g. for a companywide learning and development academy as well as individual production sites).
  • Coaching with focus on personal development, leadership, change management, conflict management, work-life-integration, envisioning, resilience and self management.
  • Designing and implementing onboarding programs for newly hired finance employees.
  • Developing more effective collaboration and communication that extends beyond departmental boundaries.
  • Designing and implementing harmonised processes and systems for financial, capital expenditure and sales controlling over various business segments.
  • Coordinating mergers and liquidations of sales offices.
  • Leading financial integration of acquired companies.
  • Designing of business plans and feasibility studies for strategic investments.



 Wordcloud Riedenbauer englisch


Frederike Dany | Consultant

  • Organizational psychologist (M.A.) and musician
  • 16 years of professional experience
  • International public appearances (stage and TV)

Frederike Dany has been working as a freelance management consultant and trainer with focus on leadership development, change management, conflict management, communication and professional conduct and performance for „RETURN ON MEANING GmbH“ since 2015, after she previously worked for the UNU Berlin (Company for Corporate Governance and Succession).

Frederike Dany holds a master degree in Organizational Psychology (M.A., Schumpeter School of Business and Economics Wuppertal) as well as a pedagogical and artistic diploma from the Musikhochschule Lübeck. She held a scholarship of the DAAD and studied in Barcelona, Amsterdam and Berlin. Vocational training as systemic coach (isiberlin).

She has more than 15 years of international experience in performing and presenting on stage and on TV. Furthermore she works on a voluntary basis for social projects, i.e., for the Kindernothilfe in Brazil, Chile, India and Russia.

Client experience (selected examples)

  • Designing and architecting a global change management program to enhance the renewal capacity of a leading industrial player with an implementation via a global facilitator network.
  • Designing and facilitating leadership development programs and workshops for professional conduct and performance as well as coaching workshops (e.g., for the sales and marketing teams of an intern. Telecommunication and media player, for an global automobile manufacturer).
  • Designing and evaluating a 360° leadership feedback process for the leadership team of an intern B2B trading organization to improve their renewal and collaboration.
  • Designing and implementing of a web-based application to accompany measures for leadership development and enhance adult´s learning.
  • Team coachings (e.g., for divisions within an global organization; for cultural organizations).
  • Design of various train-the-trainer concepts (e.g., for an leading European industrial player).
  • Co-design of a talent management toolkit for start-ups and small/medium enterprises to help them to improve their strategic hr processes.



Anne Kübart | Consultant

  • Psychologist (M.Sc., B.Sc.) and communication scientist (B.A.)
  • 5 years of professional experience
  • Broad multidisciplinary project experience

Anne has been a consultant with “Return On Meaning GmbH” with focus on leadership development and cultural transformation. As a communication expert and organizational psychologist, she has a wide range of project experience in various professional domains, among them international companies, health care institutions and academic institutions.

Anne Kübart holds a Master degree in Work and Organizational Psychology (M.Sc., Technical University of Dresden), a Bachelor degree in Psychology (B.Sc., Technical University of Dresden) a well as Bachelor degree in Media and Communication (B.A., University of Augsburg). She held a scholarship of the European Union Erasmus+ programme and studied in Lisbon, Portugal.

Anne Kübart lives in Berlin and is involved in social art projects (Portugal, Germany) and empowerment projects for refugees (Germany) on a voluntary basis.




Alexander Rogalla | Research assistant

  • Bachelor in Business Psychology (B.A.)
  • 3 years of experience in consulting
  • Key areas of focus: verbal und non verbal communication, creativitaty and innovation


Our back office supports our work and is available for any inquiries you may have.


Petra Reinhard | Office Manager

  • 28 years of professional experience

  • Working in office management since 1998

  • Versatile overseas experience

Petra Reinhard has been working in office management in various industries since 1998 (e.g., for insurance companies, advertising agencies, and artists). Starting 1988 she lived on three continents and in several countries, amongst others in Japan, Egypt, and Indonesia. Last, Petra Reinhard lived in London for three years, where she worked in the German embassy as a freelancer for protocol tasks.

Since 2006 Petra Reinhards has been living in Germany again, more precisely in Zossen (Brandenburg) and is actively involved for Refugee Aid and against right-winged violence in her free time. She has two grown up children.



Christina von der Howen | Finance Manager

  • 21 years of professional experience

  • Chief accountant and assistant tax consultant

  • 3 years of experience as finance manager

Christina von der Howen has been working since 1993 in various auditing and tax consultancies all over Germany. She trained as an assistant tax consultant in Munich and completed the exam as company accountant from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) in Cologne. Her expertise of work covers payroll accounting, accounting, financial statements and tax declaration. Lately, she worked as finance manager in a multinational enterprise. As the contact person for government agencies, tax advisors and auditors she accounted for the reporting.

In 2015 Christina von der Howen started to work as finance manager with ROMe.

She has three little sweet children.



Marita Meyer | Office Assistance

  • 30 years of professional experience

  • Craft worker and therapist

  • A variety of international experience

Marita Meyer has worked in various positions (e.g. nurse and co-therapist in a psychosomatic clinic) and largely in her own practice throughout the last 30 years. She has lived in Portugal and Spain.


Since 2007, she lives in Berlin and was inter alia employed in sales and back offices for various industries. Since 2016, Marita Meyer works as an office assistant for the “RETURN ON MEANING GmbH”. Simultaneously, she works as a teacher for creative design on a freelance basis.


She has a child, is engaged in her son’s Waldorf School and is called upon as a lay accessor for criminal cases.



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