RETURN ON MEANING. Identifies the positive effect (→ see also revenue), resulting from organizations investing in a more meaningful work environment for their employees (see: potential development, positive psychology, inspirational leadership). 
Berlin-based consultancy, specialized in cultural change, talent management, leadership, mindfulness. Understands both business strategy as well as human psychology; supports leaders in combining meaning and business to make a positive contribution to our society.




Our Portfolio

We support our clients across the board in four areas.

Cultural Change

Change is mainly driven by people.
We support this change.



Good leadership requires skill, reflection and self-management.


Mindfulness describes a way of being present and clear in the given moment. We work scientifically grounded and with a focus on sustainability.


Talent Management

To us, good talent management, i.e. the systematic development of all employees’ talents, begins with the business strategy.


Our Academy

Whether classical workshops or digital formats – at our RETURN ON MEANING Academy we offer selected trainings on the topics cultural change, leadership and mindfulness.


Our Company

Our team combines the highest professional standards and great enthusiasm for working with our clients. We understand both business and people and we believe in win-win situations of business goals and employee needs. 


“Research and publication are important to RETURN ON MEANING. Our partners and consultants constantly improve upon our topics in a practical and scientific way.”

— Nils I. Cornelissen, partner


Our References

We at RETURN ON MEANING support international corporations, medium-sized enterprises, public institutions and associations as well as start-ups. We dedicate a significant part of our time to voluntary organizations, which themselves do meaningful work.