Way of working

To ensure meaning not only through our work, but also in our work we have clear principles. 


What matters to us is having impact. Usually this consists of the “what“ (business success) as well as the “how“ (change effect).

To us success in trainings and workshops means not only that people understand new concepts, but also that they change their attitude and behavior in their day-to-day work.

Customized solutions

Every organization faces different challenges and therefore requires individual solutions.

Listening and understanding each client’s situation in detail is the basis for all our work.


Change, cultural change and a new leadership culture cannot be prescribed or imposed.

We develop solutions not only for, but together with the key stakeholders in our clients’ organizations.

Scientifically sound

We use a wide range of research from different fields such as psychology, behavioral economics and neuroscience focusing on people's mindset and behavior.

Our work is based on facts and incorporates the latest scientific findings.