Our values 

Our values form the basis of our daily actions and thoughts. Our inner attitude is derived from these values, which we show to ourselves as a team, to our clients and to all our partners.


Meaning and development

We want our work to be meaningful. We want to create a space where people can evolve, where their personal development is fostered and encouraged in an atmosphere that is cheerful and free of fear. We see this as the foundation to realize meaning in our daily work with clients (i.e. to merge IQ and EQ). We spend a substantial part of our time trying to make a positive contribution to society (i.e. through NGO work). In the spirit of continuous personal development we give each other open feedback on „what“ we do as well as on „how“ we do it. We strive to achieve a culture in which people find their work to be meaningful. 


Quality and impact orientation

We strive for excellence and professionalism in all that we do. Our team of consultants has strong business as well as people skills. We want to provide the best possible products/services to our clients. In doing so we sometimes challenge people. We develop our range of products and methods continuously by incorporating inspiration from external sources such as universities and leading figures. We combine academic and practical approaches. We find solutions based on facts and enable our clients to be action-oriented and independent. We act conscientiously and reliably. We strive for a form of cooperation which enables us to be strong partners for our clients.  


Respect and mindfulness

We strive for encounters that let us perceive and respect others as the people they are (i.e. observing instead of judging). It is our intention to be kind to all people (be that clients, colleagues, service providers, etc.) and to keep our sense of humour at hand. We assume that each person acts on their best intention and inherently aspires to be at their personal best. We value the people around us (and show it to them). We aspire to use „fair“ speech by speaking truthfully and avoiding gossip. We communicate with the recipient in mind among ourselves and with others. We strive for a culture of mindfulness that allows room for mistakes in the honest effort be our best. 


Responsibility and Clarity

We feel responsible for the well-being of our team and company. We actively seek responsibility for our tasks, our clients and our personal development. We strive to look after the team and company’s time, health and financial resources and to use them conscientiously. We endeavour to act as ecologically friendly as possible while still working time-efficiently. We anticipate problems and address these in clear, prompt and constructive fashion. We strive for honestyand transparency. Everyone has the duty and the right to give feedbackto everybody else. We strive for a culture of authenticity, clarity and openness.