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At our Academy our clients can complete open trainings in the areas of professional work and mindfulness. Moreover we offer digital trainings on mindfulness as well as online coaching.


 Professional work

Master your business

2-day workshop

Doing the right things and moreover completing them – how the approaches of top consultancies help you reach your goal faster. 
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Lead Others

2-day workshop

Leading teams successfully to their goal – how coaching, feedback and other communication methods help to make meetings more efficient and teamwork more effective. 
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Shaping Change

2-day workshop

Actively shaping change – how to actively engage people in changes to the team or company and how to shape the cultural side of change.
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Lead Yourself

2-day workshop

Managing yourself successfully – how mindfulness and self-management makes you more effective, resilient and happy.
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Search Inside Yourself

2-day workshop (German only)

Improve emotional intelligence, peak performance and resilience with the help of the SIY program developed by Google.
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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

8-week course (German only)

Manage stress through mindfulness with the help of a powerful 8-week training developed by the father of mindfulness training, Jon-Kabat Zinn.
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1-day workshop (German only)

Be able to stay focused, make decisions from a well of inner clarity and remain calm in interactions – shape the (work) environment through mindfulness.
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Online Training Mindfulness

30-day online video training (German only)

Become more resilient, balanced and improve your inner clarity by exercises that are easily integrated in your daily routine in 10 videos and by practicing daily 5- to 10- minute meditations. 
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Overview of upcoming events

June 7 & June 28, 2019 (English)
September 23 & October 24 (German)

2-day workshop // Berlin
990 EURO plus VAT

May 21 & July 2, 2019 (English)
June 5 & July 12, 2019 (English)
June 14 & July 5, 2019 (German, FULL)
November 8 & 22, 2019 (English)

2-day workshop // Berlin
990 EURO plus VAT

13. & 27. September 2019 (de)
15. & 29. November (en)

2-day workshop // Berlin
990 EURO plus VAT

6. & 20. September 2019 (de)
11. & 25. Oktober 2019 (en)

2-day workshop // Berlin
990 EURO plus VAT


30-day online workshop // anywhere


Bringing mindfulness to your company

Introduce mindfulness into your business by using our app “Mindful Drive”




Our one-on-one online coaching provides fast and easy solutions for your challenges. New perspectives and individual solutions are presenting themselves in almost no time through the use of  video or telephone calls. Are you interested? Write us: