Christoph Laut

Senior consultant

7 years of professional experience as top management consultant, corporate development expert and digitalization enthusiast

Diploma in Economics; Master in Business Administration (MBA); Stanford-certified Design Thinking Coach 

Profound experience in leading organizational growth, change and digitalization projects across industries


Christoph Laut started his career in 2012 as an international management consultant at McKinsey & Company. He focused his work on strategic human capital topics (e.g., talent management, performance management, leadership development, strategic workforce planning) as well as organizational development topics. His clients were, among others, international corporations in the communication, pharma and financial industry. In 2014 Christoph moved on with his career and became a manager in the strategy and business development department at BNP Paribas, a leading European bank. In this role Christoph successfully managed strategic projects and initiatives in Germany as well as internationally. Cultural change and hands-on leadership coaching were key elements of his work at BNP Paribas.

Since 2016 Christoph is a freelance business consultant and coach. Through his advisory firm “STARTvisory” Christoph advises and coaches startups in the areas of growth and business development. At RETURN ON MEANING GmbH Christoph works as freelance trainer and consultant and works with German and international corporates to facilitate cultural change.

Christoph holds a Diploma in Economics from Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz and a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from Colorado State University, Pueblo (USA).

Client experience (selected examples)

  • Preparation and conduct of workshops on structured problem-solving and top-down communication to facilitate cultural change (e.g. for a European telecommunication company).

  • Design, implementation and long-term support of lean initiatives to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Introduction of control processes and steering methods to measure sustainable implementation of the lean principles (e.g. for a European bank).

  • Design and implementation of value-driven executive performance management systems to support a sustainable culture change. Also connecting new performance management systems with leadersip development programs (e.g. for a European telecommunication company).

  • Design and introduction of a workforce planning tool that combines internal workforce data with external benchmarks and trends/developments (e.g. for an international pharmaceutical company).

  • Reformulation of corporate leadership values to facilitate top-down cultural change (e.g. for a European telecommunication company).

  • Design and implementation of targeted initiatives to strengthen collaboration and innovation across the organization (e.g. for a European bank).