Dr. Frederike Masemann

Project manager

8 years of experience in top management consulting

Diploma and PhD in communication science

Broad consulting experience in various industries with a focus on communication and leadership


Dr. Frederike Masemann has been working in management consulting since 2010. Her focus of expertise lies on strategy, leadership development, communication and negotiation. Last, she was partner at the owner-managed consultancy Miller & Meier Consulting, which specialises on Public Affairs and Government relations. Among her clients at that time were, e.g., several international companies of the health care, media, and financial services industry as well as governmental institutions, public sector organisations, and NGOs.

Frederike studied journalism and communication as well as English literature in Germany and Australia. She holds a doctorate degree in social sciences from the University of Hamburg and the London School of Ecomomics and Political Sciences (LSE). Her doctoral thesis on the role of the media for social cohesion received the Werner-von-Melle-Preis in 2011. Frederike held scholarships from the Second German Television (ZDF) and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

Frederike volunteers for education programs (e.g. Joblinge) and works as a freelance trainer for the intercultural KIWI project of the CARE foundation. During her partental leave, Frederike co-founded the initiative Diversity@School, bringing intercultural coaching into high schools.

Client experience (selected examples)

  • Strategy development and implementation for international companies from diverse industries on top management level (in German and English). 

  • Design and moderation of strategy workshops for top teams from DAX-companies, associations, public institutions, SMEs and startups.

  • Design and facilitation of leadership trainings aiming at the development of consulting skills, structured problem solving, communication, professional appearance, and coaching clients in various industries.

  • Design and facilitation of team coachings and team buildings as well as 1:1 trainings aiming at improving communication skills, team work and constructive feedback culture.

  • Experience in leadership trainings, talent management processes, facilitation of workshops, and moderating multistakeholder teams.