Marten Röbel

Senior consultant


3 years professional experience

Broad experience as trainer, moderator and process facilitator


Marten Roebel works with RETURN ON MEANING GmbH as consultant and trainer with focus on leadership, communication and mindfulness.

He has been working as facilitator, moderator and trainer since 2009, among others in business as well as non-profit contexts, in political and cultural events, in academic education and political education. As part of his course of study in psychology at the Universities of Giessen and Potsdam he developed, facilitated and evaluated a mindfulness training.

Marten Roebel gained experience as a journalist, as actor and assistant director, freelance trainer and employee of a member of the German parliament (Bundestag). He is honorary involved in the mentoring of returnees from international voluntary programmes as well as Education for Sustainable Development.

Client experience (selected examples)

  • Designing and facilitating two-day mindfulness-retreats

  • Moderating cultural events with 500+ guests

  • Moderating panel discussions with members of the German parliament (Bundestag) and regional parliament

  • Facilitating trainings and coachings on communication, feedback, decision making, body-language and presence

  • Facilitating trainings to foster emotional intelligence and self-management

  • Facilitating workshops at universities on career planning and meaning

  • Designing a higher education training for lecturers

  • Coordinating a program for political education in the context of voluntary services