Sandra Meyer

Senior consultant

Systemic business coach, attorney-at-law

16 years of professional experience

Startup experience: founder and CEO of StorageBook GmbH


Sandra Meyer joined RETURN ON MEANING in the summer of 2017 as a business consultant and facilitator. Previously, she advised the German non profit Proboneo on organizational development and the creation of a department matching pro bono legal services with charitable organizations in need of them. As the founder and CEO of the online marketplace for self storage business StorageBook, Sandra has also focused on aspects of entrepreneurship such as innovative approaches, business models and start-up culture. 

She has coached managers and employees in the areas of career development, career transition, achieving one’s full potential and new business ventures. Her work is guided by the principles of systemic business coaching (isiberlin GmbH).

In addition, Sandra is a state-licensed lawyer who has conducted legal consulting projects at firms in Vancouver (Thomas & Partners), San Diego (Sullivan, Hill, Lewin, Rez& Engel) and Hamburg (HeukingKühnLüerWojtek). Her clients have ranged from a variety of sectors – real estate, insurance, food and others – and include both German companies and international players. 

Client experience (selected examples)

  • Designed and taught management workshops on topics such as coaching, leadership and employee feedback (with an international car manufacturer among the clients).

  • Designed and facilitated workshops on entrepreneurship, business model development (for example using the Business Model Canvas) and lean startups.

  • Led organizational development processes in the areas of strategy, initiating and optimizing business processes, and online marketing for startups.

  • Developed teaching materials on, and presented useful tools for, the creation of a feedback culture in a medium-sized tech firm.

  • Conducted one-on-one coaching sessions for managers and employees on career development, career transition, achieving one’s full potential and conflict resolution.

  • Designed and facilitated workshops on interdisciplinary cooperation and other themes for international law firms.