Dr. Svea von Hehn


>20 years of experience as a consultant and top management coach, author of several books, speaker at conferences, holds lectureships at universities, founder

Strong business background (e.g., >3.5 years engagement manager for McKinsey & Company); focus points: Organizational transformation and personal development

Diploma and PhD in Psychology, certifications for SIY, the Google mindfulness program; MBTI, OPQ, Systemic Coaching


Dr. Svea von Hehn has been working since 1998 as management consultant with focus on transformations, personal development and strategic HR (e.g., talent and performance management). Among her clients in the past years are, e.g., several international consumer goods and chemical companies, governments and organizations close to the government as well as financial institutions.
For 3.5 years Sveaworked for McKinsey & Company, last as project manager. She was deputy director of the Hamburg Office of the international consultancy SHL.

She has a PhD and Master-equivalent diploma in psychology. She is a certified systemic coach (Institute of systemic Management and Coaching, Wiesloch, Germany and Institute for systemic coaching and training, Vienna, Austria). Moreover, she is MBTI and OPQ certified. Sveaholds lectureships at German universities and is author of specialized books (e.g., on mindfulness; on leadership; on cultural change) and articles. She is involved with several social projects and was honoured by Chancellor Dr. Merkel for her social commitment. 

Svea is a trained coach and Search Inside Yourself instructor – the Google mindfulness program. Since 1994 she practices mindfulness and is trained by different teachers, such as Jack Kornfield, Thich Nhat Hanh. 
Since 2012 she is together with Nils Cornelissen CEO of RETURN ON MEANING GmbH and works for clients across Europe and the US. She speaks German and English fluently.

Client experience (selected examples)

  • Designing and implementing change management programs (e.g., for an international chemical company and a globally operating European bank).

  • Designing and facilitating modular leadership development programs and coaching (e.g., soft and inter-personal skills trainings) and 360 degree workshops for clients in various industries and the public sector.

  • Aligning top teams as part of the corporate strategy process during a change period (e.g., for government organizations, for a large hospital).

  • Designing and facilitating “personal insights” and “inspirational leadership” workshops for various client organizations as well as gender diversity programs (e.g., at a health insurance company).

  • Designing and conducting mindfulness programs (e.g., for a  law firm).

  • Designing and implementing talent management processes (e.g., recruiting and development strategies for different organizations).